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About Care Forest

We created Care Forest as a community-owned, community-run platform for mutual support. We're here for one another. We believe every support person deserves support. The following are our community principles:

Solidarity – We take our first steps towards a more caring and just world by showing up for one another, providing support for one another, and getting to know one another.

Gratitude – We support personal and interpersonal growth with compassion and gratitude.

Accountability – We pay attention to one another's well-being and stay responsive to our community's needs.

Collective Power – We recognize and build power within our caregiving communities. 

Community Resources – We hold experiential, natural, spiritual, social, intellectual, and cultural skills and resources.

Abundance – We reject manufactured scarcity and act from abundance, while recognizing that oppressive structures have created severe financial inequality.

Relations – We believe that good relationships and a thriving community will be foundational to systems of care in New Jersey and beyond. We seek and find humanity in one another. 

Privacy – What we share in our community stays in our community. Mutual support requires mutual trust. Authentic asks, offers, and discussions help us advance our collective mission, and may also be sensitive and private.

Respect – We engage respectfully as people with different backgrounds, experiences, and preferences – socially, politically, individually, and interpersonally.

Radical Care – We aim for more people to get direct experience today with the more caring and supportive future that is possible for all of us.